This Saturday at the Island Hotel here in Newport!

You know it’s a sad event when the only speaker who shouldn’t be in prison is Pat Sajak.

The Claremont Institute presents the 20th Anniversary Dinner in Honor of Sir Winston Churchill, in honor of Donald Rumsfeld, with honorary co-host Dick Cheney (by video from his Castle of Evil) and introductory remarks by William J. Bennett!

Two war criminals, a gambler Tartuffe blowhard bigot, and a game show host. I hope Pat goes off on all of them for being unclean and then pulls the string on a suicide bomb. “You called me here today to be the emcee for your dinner. You wanted a nice friendly puppet, someone crass, a real pro, a get along guy. WELL YOU GOT A MAN ON A MISSION, SUCKERS!” [blam] Okay, fantasy over.

Don’t go anywhere near Newport Center if you want to avoid the anal probe and/or worst traffic ever. I’m sure the presence of Rummy & Bill will result in a terrordome being lowered over the entire zip code. No need to protest. I could just show up within 3/4 of a mile in my not very clean car and wham it’s gitmo.

12 thoughts on “This Saturday at the Island Hotel here in Newport!

      1. Dirty undershirts, stonewash jeans, cooler full of Mr. Pibb and Southern Comfort, boombox blasting Loverboy, and big sign AMERICANS FOR MOTHERFUCKIN’ AMERICA!

    1. According to the internets, some/most of them were educated at the Claremont Colleges but the “institute” doesn’t have a direct affiliation with them. Also, J’s family is so intrenched over there, I’m *sure* I would have heard about these people at some point.

  1. Pat Sajak is actually pretty conservative. I don’t know if it happened as a result of being conditioned to or inoculated against the people on Wheel, but….

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