Hello, Jeanketeers!

The Orange County Register has apparently hired Jean Teasdale to write their nightlife reviews. In this case it’s a real win because the article is about my “favorite” restaurant:

Maybe I’m not hip enough to be at Chronic Cantina. I’ll just throw that out there right now.

I may be the only person that’s gone there not knowing why they call it the Chronic Cantina. Did the section of the menu titled “Munchies” tip me off? No. Did the food with names like “Fatty Tacos” and “Pack Your Tostada Salad Bowl” give me a hint? No.

It was only when I took a look at the drink list and saw the 4:20 Brownie Shot that I got what Chronic Cantina is alluding to.

They like to smoke the ganja!

The drug references aside, Chronic Cantina seems like a fun place to hang out. “Seems” is the key word here. Apparently, Niyaz Pirani, who shares this space with me, had a negative experience at this place a while back when he visited for the weekend brunch.

He, as well as I, felt that customer service was low on Chronic’s list of priorities.

However, there are some positives. They do have a large smoking patio (not that kind of smoking!) with working fire pits. The tiki-like atmosphere on the patio will also provide a good view of all of the good-looking people who are on their way to a $40 cover charge at nearby Sutra Lounge. (Still bitter about that one, sorry!)

Chronic has a huge drink list of unique martinis, shots, mixed drinks and margaritas, including the X-Rated Flirtini, made with vodka, X-Rated liqueur and cranberry juice. Of course, you can always go with the 4:20 Brownie shot, made with Stoli Vanilla, Dark Creme de Cocoa and Bailey’s Mint. Despite the steep drink prices, this “joint” really has a lot of tasty concoctions to choose from.

It also has events going on almost every night of the week. Monday nights are S.I.N Nights, which stands for Service Industry Nights, where folks in the service industry (bartenders, waiters, etc.) are given special discounts. Another good night to come is Girls Night Out Thursdays, where ladies are given free champagne and appetizers from 8 to 10 p.m.

There’s also have a full dinner menu.

That is, if you can get anyone to serve you. Despite the fact that there were five to 10 pretty, short-skirted and hair-highlighted “waitresses” wandering around, we didn’t get any service for 15 minutes. Finally, a girl came up and asked us if we were ready to order dinner. We had to remind her that she still had the menus in her hand.

She squealed with laughter and then disappeared for 30 minutes. Perhaps another “smoke” break? We finally got frustrated and left without eating or drinking anything. No fatty tacos for me!

My conclusion on this place is that while it may have the makings of a fun bar/restaurant, it really needs to get its act together with the service.

However, if you are looking for the best-looking bartenders, waitresses and patrons in Orange County, Chronic Cantina can deliver. Sometimes a good atmosphere can make you forget bad service, and Chronic Cantina is an example of this. Everyone in the place seemed to be having a good time, enjoying the easy-going atmosphere and songs by Sublime.

So maybe I’m just too uptight and fast-paced for this place!

11 thoughts on “Hello, Jeanketeers!

    1. Yeah. The only people I know who’ve gone to Sutra did so without charge because they were local or pretty or both. And all returned saying “people pay to get into THAT?”
      After the Economic Collapse it will be a TGI Fridays.


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