15 thoughts on “San Bernardino County…

      1. Mexican style farmer cheese is awesome if it doesn’t kill you, yeah! Periodically the Mexican dairies kill some people and have to have a time out. It’s difficult to keep it from growing the little monsters.

    1. Re: phrase of the week
      haha… totally. i’m going to start telling people that i was in prison just so that i can say felony cheese-making charges all the time.

      1. Re: phrase of the week
        So, you checked the “yes” box on this application under “felony convictions.” What can you tell us about that?
        “Yeah, I still can’t vote because of that cheese thing in ’07.”

  1. Nice scare tactic. Not like Mexicans aren’t scary enough with all their stealing of American jobs.
    My only regret is I didn’t get some Oaxaca cheese before they got busted.

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