Now that’s what I call mail fraud

Impersonating the U.S. Government? Yup. False Census mailer? Yup. Official-looking eagle and star logo? Yup. Aimed at seniors? Oh yeah.

This time the Rev. Lou Sheldon, chief huckster of the religious right, has really boned it. I reported it so far to the Census Bureau and the Post Office. Oddly there’s an article from last year about this from the SFGate site but no one is yet in jail.


7 thoughts on “Now that’s what I call mail fraud

  1. Not to mention the “postage stamp.”
    Of all the things I’ve heard the U.S. Government and its agencies called, “NON-PROFIT” has never been one of them. Until now.


      1. If the United States Government was subject to the same rules as a publicly supported “non-profit” (which is in reality a “not for profit” organization) as it says on the postage paid stamp, it would have been put out of business a long time ago.
        Yet, here we are.


  2. yeah. We got one of those sent to our house, addressed to the now-deceased former owner.
    It made me really mad. I think I still have it, if I do, I’ll report it too. Rawr.


    1. A lot of shit that looks like a census, survey stuff, but it’s aimed at making you hate gay people and Democratic congressmen, and scaring you into thinking some kind of GAY AGENDA is coming to buttsecks you. Plus of course they want money.


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