Costa Mesa Cultural Happenings: It’s Not an IHOP Now

The Afghan mujahedin CIA operative-owned IHOP on 17th Street in Costa Mesa has big news. They are leaving the IHOP family to be free! With luck, they will not need any Stinger missiles to do so.

However, they do need to rename the place, and they’re having a contest to do so.

Ready… set… GO!

17 thoughts on “Costa Mesa Cultural Happenings: It’s Not an IHOP Now

  1. your fucking fault
    Waffle Kush
    Silk Roadies
    Buddha Rubble’s
    Pashtun-Wally’s Flapjack Emporium
    and finally for A Mighty Wind fans:
    Ea_ A_ Mo______ (pbuh)
    i’m now hiding under the bed for the rest of infinity


  2. I once knew of a Lamppost Pizza that did the same thing. Their solution was simply to remove the “s” from their sign. When asked what the hell a “lamp pot” was, they refused to say. We got a surprising amount of entertainment out of Lamppot Pizza.
    So, perhaps they should simply become “IOP” – The International of Pancakes. Makes perfect sense, I’m sure.


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