Once again my local FOX affiliate takes on the big issues. In this case, the shadowy, malevolent hacker underground group that will do anything for LULZ: spoilers, gay porn, myspace hacking, and blowing up the same car over and over. Phil Shuman, you’ve once again raised the bar for satire.

9 thoughts on “THEY KILL FOR LULZ

  1. next up on the Three Stooges Network
    John Beard is a pioneer of surrealism for going into the office every day and trying to alchemize Fox-11’s “news” into HIGH CAMP.  I don’t know if it’s actually working, but he tries and tries.  It is the Great Work!  It’s all flasks and alembics and bizarre news graphics!  In the meantime, Watch me just maybe keep a straight face thru this intro! is what he’s beaming with every NTSC screen-refresh.
    But this PHIL SHYOO-MON has the burnt-plastic reek of crack cocaine and/or yapping idiocy about him. He makes me feel dirty. The bad kind of dirty. Fox-11 dirty.


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