cheshire madness

I was about to post that alcohol, even in small quantities, is a gateway drug for cheese.

Then I realized that I was in a deep state of denial and cheese was, in fact, a primary pathology in my life. Isn’t that great news?

Anyway I am enjoying some Double Gloucester right now.

9 thoughts on “cheshire madness

  1. Cheese is my favorite food. This is why I’m a lacto ovo vegetarian, and not a vegan. No one should ever try to get between me and my cheese.

  2. My friends made me cry with hysterical laughter at a dinner party on my birthday by telling me that the cheese we were eating was mined by gnomes in a special cheese-growing cave in France.
    I honestly think the French would find a way to use a cave to do this. And that they are actually all gnomes.

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