But would elmo sing… THIS???

Apparently emo can cause gender bending… even DRUGS!

Talk to your children about emo.

I love the kid in the mall looking nonplussed and saying “I guess they have their own… style?” Kid, talk to Dr. Napolitano about emo.

Thanks to kniwt

10 thoughts on “But would elmo sing… THIS???

  1. It’s obvious enough. Guyliner dissolves important neurotransmitters, black clothes absorb the affect-lowering radiation of the evil yellow face in the sky, and thin, haircut-based organisms whining about wearing people’s skin is so much more disturbing than, say, ECW, Abu-Ghraib, Dick Cheney’s man-sized safes, or similar PG-rated fun. Ban Emo, I say, and save our kids. Yesss…


    1. The risks to our children
      Occasionally I mention that I think high school cheerleading should be banned because it is sexual exploitation of minors and then people get super mad at me.


  2. I love it. I just love it. I wish someone would compile an entire DVD’s worth of local news channels doing breathless exposés on various teen subcultures. Laff riot!!


  3. Re: Charmant Poe’me D’ Amour
    Mad Props on the well established understanding that those Evil Doing Evil Doers, are Evil, and Doing, And ERS!!!! And we must stop them in our life tyme….


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