broken stuff update

1) Heater problem was fixed. It was some variation of “pilot light out” but the water heater is very old and the pilot light is not accessible, apparently. I had taken off the cover and attempted it, but according to the Gas Company guys it’s weird and dangerous and I should just call them next time. Since it’s free I have no problem with that.

2) THE NEW AT&T is sending me a new phone, having agreed with my assessment that I got a lemon. It was nice to see that the rep on the phone believed me when I told her all the stupid human tricks I had already done, and only made me give her the serial number and agree not to fuck with them when they mailed me a new one.

3) Yesterday I broke 1 ceramic bowl, one plastic plate (!), and 1 glass.

3 thoughts on “broken stuff update

  1. Thomas totally scored us a new mini-disc player because our current doesn’t record properly. That means a brand new one after this one is two years old!
    I broke a bowl of bean dip yesterday :/

  2. I have broken two (very hard) plastic glasses from the 1970s by stepping on them in the past couple of months. It hurts slightly less than the time a bit of lava tube collapsed out from under me in Hawai`i while I was wearing rubber slippers. Ow.

  3. I’ve broken glasses & mugs before by shaking drops of water out of them too hard so they ended up colliding against the taps or the draining board. What an oaf, eh?

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