1. May we be LJ friends? I like your expressions of indignance. My journal is more or less worthless. I found you via uncleanton. My ass is the one featured with the snake on February 10th.


  2. It could be worse. They could be proto-41 packets aimed at the anycast 6to4 relay address, in which case they would probably be getting routed through A) Reston, VA (if you’re fortunate) or B) the SWITCH peering point in Zurich, Switzerland.
    Just for grins, traceroute and see where your 6to4 relay is located. Try not to puke on your own shoes.


    1. Hm. 11 hops that seem to be pretty much local, unless I’m high:

       1  iggy.office.fringehead.org (  1.782 ms  0.709 ms  0.640 ms
       2  dsl081-085-001.lax1.dsl.speakeasy.net (  16.892 ms  15.358 ms  15.316 ms
       3  220.ge-0-1-0.cr2.lax1.speakeasy.net (  13.973 ms  13.564 ms  13.614 ms
       4  bux-edge-01.inet.qwest.net (  15.059 ms  14.901 ms  13.701 ms
       5  bur-core-02.inet.qwest.net (  14.566 ms  14.101 ms  15.021 ms
       6  * * *
       7  sjp-brdr-01.inet.qwest.net (  23.316 ms  39.778 ms  22.613 ms
       8  sl-st20-sj-15-0.sprintlink.net (  23.684 ms  24.547 ms  40.344 ms
       9  sl-bb21-sj-9-0.sprintlink.net (  24.010 ms  23.157 ms  23.492 ms
      10  sl-bb24-sj-12-0.sprintlink.net (  64.535 ms  23.639 ms  27.259 ms
      11  sl-bb1v6-sj-0-0-0.sprintlink.net (  26.060 ms *  24.102 ms


      1. Ah. You’re a speakeasy.net customer. The little CLEC/ISP companies tend to be smarter and peer with less shit-eating long-haul providers, e.g. qwest, sprintlink, level3, etcetera. I have sonic.net, and we have the same 6to4 relay.
        If you were with AT&T or Comcast, you’d be bouncing your 6to4 packets through Switzerland.


    1. trinnit knows
      The packets are going to Newark so that the copper pipes and wiring can be stripped from them before they are put back into the internet stream.
      trinnit understands.
      “Woke up this morning
      Got yourself a gun weeyooweeyooweeyoo”


  3. At the romp we had a problem where traffic between us and Digital Island was routing through Europe. The T1 provider said it was DI, DI said it was the T1 provider… yay.


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