25 thoughts on “Vanity, thy name is, uh, me.

  1. I am enjoying your glasses, very nice. I just picked out new frames last thursday and it was very BLEH. Not a good selection.
    That second photo is the face you make when I tell a Karen story.

  2. Feh
    My friend Nipper has name for us: FEH–fading elderly hipsters. I hope the Punk Rock Resthome, with Sushi sundays and Thaifood Tuesdays; a showcase room for walker performance art and bands like the Convalescents, Christian Near-Death, and the Catheter’s Wheel; and collections of obscure DVDs will open in time for our AARP to kick in.
    Botox–nothing to it–that’s how I can pass for a decade younger, which confuses the heck out people when I say stuff like,”When I saw Vox Com open for Throbbing Gristle..”

  3. yay!
    You look so great! Did your eyes do something weird so you had to get glasses? They look really flattering on you.

  4. These are all great. I especially like the 4th, because you’re smiling ever so slightly. You know, every one of these shots show a man who knows more than he’s telling.

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