Winnebago Man Rides Again

I WONDER WHAT THE FUCK THE REAL DIALOGUE IS? Well here’s some more. The good people at the Found Footage Festival have a second DVD out, and here’s a sample. Winnebago Man himself, Mr. Jack Rebney, with a new set of outtakes. Enjoy it in good health, with the ferns and the docks.

6 thoughts on “Winnebago Man Rides Again

  1. I would like to adopt one Jack Rebney please.
    He’s really pretty interchangeable with the jibberish speaking, fit throwing, cursing five year old we have around here already. A little taller maybe.

  2. Well, I’m sure people with Tourette’s Syndrome appreciate having a vehicle pitched directly to them…
    That guy clearly needed to be drinking more…
    mojo sends

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