the slappy hand of justice

A shitty doctor who gave me bad medical care 17 years ago is now up on FORTY SEVEN FELONY COUNTS for doing, well, what he did to me: overcharging and charging for nonexistent services.

Odd that I reported him back then and only now is the bastard on the hook. You don’t forget a name like “Mario Rosenberg.” (He’s an Argentine.)

The guy literally stuck something up my ass and then overcharged me for it. I recall telling my next doctor the story and he said “Mario did that?” Yeah, and Luigi helped.

12 thoughts on “the slappy hand of justice

  1. “It is unfathomable that a doctor would treat patients as if they were bodies on a medical conveyor belt for a quick buck,” Has this ADA been living under a rock? ;P
    ..$2.3 million in


  2. haha I couldn’t help but lolz at that last part.
    I like my doctors, they’re a husband and wife duo and they’re Indian, I think that’s why I get special treatment. j/k


      1. Myra Tumbledown, age 32 at the time, claimed to have been assaulted. “He asserted that his constitution gave him the right to ‘Mount Tumbledown’, as he began to climb on top of me. My girlfriend, who is British, intervened with full support of the US Government, in spite of numerous treaties.”
        Another woman, Georgia South, reported similar invasion. His assistant, Jennifer Belgrano, said the news completely “sunk” her.


  3. Butt…
    Did Dr Mario PAY you to have a rectal rampage? Or offer you free cosmetic surgery…?
    I bet you were the guy that made him and his buddies exclaim, “Hey maybe we should do this scam on out-of-state greedy people who won’t complain instead of well-educated witty locals!”


    1. Re: Butt…
      I think I was one of his few educated and privileged patients. He seemed to specialize in Spanish-speaking immigrants who were used to being treated poorly by people like him.


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