9 thoughts on “edibleornot

  1. It is with quiet pleasure that I present…
    “pork plasma” truck reveals this:
    Which page has the not unamusing header:
    Welcome! Did you find it?
    You landed at ben m online after searching http://www.google.com for “pork plasma truck”. Based on your search term(s), these posts might be of interest:
    * Pork plasma
    * China bridegroom dies with guests
    * Birthday week
    * Taxonomy and Linnaeus
    * AR11 e03


  2. For me, alas, the truck of inedible pork plasma is always half empty. But it puts me in mind of ‘s brother’s old home by a bend in the train tracks, from which he could watch train cars labeled “EDIBLE TALLOW” thunder by, always wondering when one would derail and change his life forever…


  3. I don’t know where the original is and I don’t have time to look right now; but I initially found it in ‘s journal while surfing her archives. If you need it bad enough to do the busywork, I’d start at the first year and go from there…
    Or contact her there or on her real journal ()


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