Area Teens Enjoy Subculture, Say Experts

The fallout (boy) from last night’s FOX 11 special! report! on Emo Scene Kids was pretty good when I posted the video of the news story on Buzznet:

In which the kids, as usual, are amused by the grownups.

It reminds me of the post Columbine “news” coverage where the reporters were dispatched to find out that the Goth Kids in Dark Coats were feared psychotic loser stabby-people, and found to their consternation that the other kids just thought Goths were “okay like everyone else, just got their own way of dressing and stuff.”

The shocking outcome of this story is that the latest teen subculture looks funny and listens to loud music and isn’t quite sure what defines it.

Someone get Bill Bennett on the horn. We have a KULTUR-KRISIS in the making!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Area Teens Enjoy Subculture, Say Experts

  1. Do you remember about 7 or 8 years ago when Fox did the same investigative report on hardcore/straight edge? I was in high school at the time and in the midst of all that stuff and was really bewildered at it all.


  2. It’s only 9 a.m. and I’ve already seen the best thing I’m going to see all day.
    The funny part is that the reporter delivers the whole article with that stark warning tone, but never comes up with anything that is actually wrong with emo. They have the clip of an “emo” kid getting beaten up, which hardly signifies an epidemic (as if kids of all stripes haven’t been beating each other up since the dawn of mankind) and then they show a spoof movie about the Goth anti-Emo patrol and one guy whose video blog discusses the fact that identifying as Emo gives kids a way to feel like they fit in. Yes…and birds go “tweet”.
    The report is only surprising in how unintentionally hilarious it is. HA!


  3. When I lived in Riverside (1996-ish) I remember the local news team doing a feature report about Goth kids who like to hang out in…graveyards! The tone of the report was half condescending and half melodrama. It occurred to me then that there might actually be people who are amazed to know this, but for the most part it would seem that Goths+graveyards=old hat. It was the perfect embodiment of the anti-story.


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