And this just in from the weirdiverse:

Comment on another post of mine:

This is Elaine Moore and I am deaf hard of hearing. I want tell yu something about drugs bad your health because drug is hard for your life can’t use drug then please try resist away from drug that why you had lot pain away from drug and how you feel . Do you have plan your future. I never haven’t use drug and alcohol all my life because drug and alcohol waste time mess up my body. Yu better carefully killed from drug.

20 thoughts on “And this just in from the weirdiverse:

  1. please try resist away from drug
    I have a deaf friend, and when she writes, it’s a little off, kind of like an accent. It isn’t, however, freaking indecipherable the way this is.
    Drugs are bad, mmmmkay?

  2. There’s no way of knowing for sure if she is really deaf. I do know that English is often a second language for an ASL user. And, someone who hasn’t spent much time on English might well use such a syntax.
    I’m going to pass it by a deaf person and see what she thinks.

    1. That would be the anon comment I just got on a totally different post, and which I shall now quote in its entirety: ” Subject: Promorion presend:ultracet pain management ultracet”

  3. Her first language is definitely ASL; I recognise some of the syntax. Given that, I’m not surprised that she’s hardcore drug/alcohol free — most Deaf people are hardline Xtians.
    Nonetheless, a weird comment.

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