Return of the trout

I talked to Bob on the phone today. He’s moving back here. The cultural challenges of the South were too much for him. He’s currently trying to get his crap into a trailer and get out and back to Paradise.

The quote of the conversation occurred while he was explaining that he only got along with the black folk in North Carolina because the white people were so horrible. Once in a while they’d let slip something about “white guys” and then rush to reassure him that they thought he was an okay guy. As he said, “I guess I’m just as black as Bill Clinton.”

So, we’ll see him when he manages to get loose.

joyfulagitator I think he either lost or screwed up your phone number somehow.

11 thoughts on “Return of the trout

  1. Shhh. I’m moving to Mississippi one day.
    Thomas has made interesting observations as of late to the effect of how much more racism seems to exist here than in the south. Interesting.


  2. While i think it would be quite the adventure to visit Bob living in the South, it would be an even more ultimate experience to tag along with him while he drives back out west.


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