11 thoughts on “L.A. redux

    1. thanks
      I’m 50 miles south of the current Eschaton.
      My coworkers are way closer, hence the picture.
      What isn’t being covered so much is a real problem: my own county is out of water. Oops.

  1. Re: Coke-addled bravado by the bucket, sure.
    Well there isn’t among rich white assholes. The rest of town actually hangs together pretty well.

  2. I bet the parents of these kids brought ’em out to Holleewud to be movee starz. Oh and Rick James died at that Oakwood. I wasn’t worried about it spreading to my neighborhood since there are hundreds of multimillion dollar homes between me and the fire zones of Hollywood Hills and Griffith Park. No way they’d let Gwen Stefani go up in flames!

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