Dear Lazyweb: My new Macbook Pro…

…is beautiful, and fast, and useful. However, it has a tiresome bug. Frequently the Airport wireless connection will drop, and on reconnecting it will fail to hand out an IP address. This is true whether my base station is set to act as a dhcp server itself or whether it is bridging to my linux box for dhcp. The Macbook just sit there with its dhcp default address asking for an IP.

When the server side is the Linux box, i can see it trying to hand out an address without any success, showing that the request is being heard. Somehow the response back to the Macbook falls on deaf ears.

This is especially true if the machine has been sitting for a while or comes back from sleep. It will work for a few minutes and then the wireless connection will totally drop, down to zero, and nothing works on reconnection.

The only fix is to power down the Macbook and come back up. This is suboptimal.

I am going to scour the usual help sites and the apple message boards, but anything the Group Mind has to contribute would be great.

6 thoughts on “Dear Lazyweb: My new Macbook Pro…

  1. Delete entry for wireless network in prefs, wipe keychain, start over.
    Worked for me in that situation. Also, are you using WPA?

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I wiped prefs ‘n’ cache, and so far so good. I am using WPA, and I’m wondering now if the WPA2 key rotation might be the failure point. If it looks that way I’ll go to another method. Security isn’t so good if it eliminates function entirely!

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