In Soviet Orange County, Raoul Eat You

I was premature in my whining about Apple. The next day my shiny new Macbook Pro arrived, courtesy of my new job. I now have a new girlfriend and all the past one’s sins are forgotten.

However, my shoulder fell off again. MRI on Tuesday. Wish me luck, or a broken leg if that’s traditional, or at least some opiates from the god-damned doctors.

I rediscovered tonight that good pasta with just a couple spoons of sauce and some parmesan is one of life’s great cheap pleasures.

Today’s quote is from eyeteeth: “Who’s down with D.S.T.? Everyone with S.A.D.!”

One thought on “In Soviet Orange County, Raoul Eat You

  1. Can you get a pushy and ask for the duragesic pain patch? Generally speaking, the docs are a little bit better about dosing with patches because they’re a lot harder to abuse (although not impossible).

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