useless parks

The city government here wants to build a new shiny city hall. The residents are skeptical. To avoid a vote on the subject, the government first tried funding the new city hall without a bond issue. This was noticed. Then, there was an election.

The new city council has three times shot down a proposal to build the new city hall on land previously designated as “open land, future park.” The last news was that they directed the city government specifically to finalize plans for theh park.

After the angry meeting that resulted in this decision, our Mayor, who supports the new city hall, made a career suicide statement:

“Personally, I don’t think it’s the end of this. I think there are people who are committed to … not building useless parks,” Mayor Steve Rosansky said at the end of a lengthy, impassioned speech in which he accused fellow council members of caving to “political expediency.”

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    1. I am not sure. If it turns out that city government is getting to big to fit in the old one, perhaps we’ve located the real problem.

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