A final goodbye to Apollo Books


They held on a few months after they announced their retirement, but now it’s gone for good. The Apollo, in its original location at 18th & Newport, was a big part of my education. Others had the same experience; we found entirely new worlds in stacks of dusty paperbacks.

If I win the lottery I’m going to run a bookstore until I’m poor again.

3 thoughts on “A final goodbye to Apollo Books

  1. every place I’ve loved in this town is dying.
    Dietrich’s. the club house on Ogle (where Matt McCluer and every other one of our cronies lived at one point or another). Apollo books.
    I had no idea. thank you for bringing it to my attention..
    excuse me while I go cry and feel a bit better about leaving this god-forsaken place where too few appreciate the good things.

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