But what about the Kottonmouth Kings?

I get the best anon comments. Today’s reader mail:

ok ICP N juggalo$ iN geNeral r the oNly ppl with ballz enough 2 $ay wat they have 2 $ay. N they aiNt a baNd! N if they r $o bad theN they wouldNt have made $o much fukiN mmoNey N they got famou$ from lo$erz like u who bad mouth them $o go ahead keep talkiN yo $hit cuz thatz wat makez them famou$. but u $hould really li$teN to their mu$ic b4 u talk $hit ok. thanx MMFCL haha

From this post: http://substitute.livejournal.com/446376.html?style=mine

10 thoughts on “But what about the Kottonmouth Kings?

  1. Dude… that is tremendous! This is either ambulatory schizophrenia or a modern master of dadaism…possibly both.
    Keep those cards and letters comin’ boys and girls…
    mojo sends


  2. We just got the internets hooked up to the double-wide, and I’m lookin’ fer trouble…
    WOW – 2 years in the making!
    But – MMFCL?
    Merry Mutha Fuckin’ Christmas…Later! ???


  3. Insane Clown Posse? I’ll admit back in the day I used to listen to “Piggy Pie”. I think that was out around 10 years ago.
    “… fucking his sister and drinking his moonshine
    a typical filthy fucking redneck swine…”
    It was a guilty pleasure, but it was good for a laugh. Since then, I almost forgot about them. Had no idea those freaks are still together!


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