28 thoughts on “I, um. Er. What?

  1. I feel dirty!! I can’t believe someone approved this ad! No, I’m not part of the conservative right, but really. McDonald’s prides themselves on being a family friendly restaurant. How do you explain an almost orgasm to a 5 year old?


    1. Why do we have such problems explaining sex to our kids while we buy them uber violent murdering video games to play and see no problem with that?
      Just when did it become OK to see 2 guys kill each other out of hate in a gore filled slasher movie, but an abomination to have to guys kiss and fall in love in a romantic movie?


      1. I’d have no problem explaining sex in some way to a 5 year old. What I couldn’t explain is why a hamburger might cause an orgasm. Please, let me explain Brokeback Mountain instead!


  2. is the money she got paid actually worth it?
    and isn’t that some kind of chicken fritter at the bottom?
    take the “good” and “almost” out and it’s correct.


  3. “So good, it’s completely humiliating!”
    “So embarrassing, because like OF COURSE I love me some CHICKEN!”
    I fucking hate the advertising industry so deeply. I had me a nice long look at it when I was a wage slave for a marketing outfit a while back, and every day I felt like I’d been sitting in a tub of shit just by dealing with the sort of people who decided that ads like THAT up there were a good idea.
    I really need a good “let’s go kill the ad-men” icon for times like this.


      1. I must admit my knee was jerking at Terry Bisson’s “no tune & you can’t hear the words” fogeyism, tho’ I can see where ‘s coming from.
        That plush Doom demon‘s only an edition of one, sadly.


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