Deus Ex Miller Faucher and Cafferty L.L.P.

Just as I was running out of money (temporarily) because the government thingy was being slow and bureaucratic and dumb, something happens that never, ever happens. I was part of the class in a class action suit against SmithKline Beecham about Paxil. They lied about withdrawal symptoms, essentially.

Based on the (large) amount of money I spent on Paxil over the years, I just got a check for $477.08.

Suck it, Smith and Kline and Beecham. That withdrawal was worth more than $477.08 in pain to me, but I’m glad to have it right now.

10 thoughts on “Deus Ex Miller Faucher and Cafferty L.L.P.

  1. Fuck yeah! I’m involved in a suit regarding my father… Something to do with retirement benefits and contracts and a bunch of stuff I don’t really understand… But his best friend (who is still alive and still a firefighter) came by yesterday and told us he’s getting over $150,000! And that my family may be getting something similar. Come on dad, look down from the heavens and push the pen in the hands of whatever stuffy bureaucrat is signing that check!


  2. That’s great. Definitely a nice chunk of change, and if they’re shelling that out to a large number of folks, that’s gotta hurt. I’d not heard anything about a suit against them. I’m glad it worked out for you!


  3. My two friends used to work at Staples, and there was recently a class action suit over timecard-cheating practices, and my one friend signed on and my other friend did not, and my one friend just now received a check for $740. One of the two friends is now deeply depressed.


  4. That is awesome. I’m sorry you had a bad withdrawal. I can just imagine how fucking awful that was; one of my good friends had to quit his job abruptly (actually, his mom ended up having to make the call) as he had to enter hospital during withdrawal from Paxil. I don’t know how many family doctors tried to give me that drug.
    I’m thinking of joining one against Serzone if one is launched in Canada. Yeah, thanks for your ‘antidepressant’ that caused me to a) hallucinate SPIDERS and b) caused persistent suicidal thoughts, then c) sent me to the billionth circle of hell when I stopped it.
    Oh yeah and there’s d) the LIVER DAMAGE PART.


    1. Oooh, I tried Serzone exactly once and it gave me the all-time worst ever 8-hour marathon migraine from hell. Terrible shit. That and Remeron. And a variety of other things, come to think of it.


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