Anti-Club Calendar

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Anti-Club Calender, originally uploaded by J. ‘Doh.

Wow.. I was at some of these shows. In fact, I was at both the July 4 Minutemen Show (they did the song “Substitute”! and the July 5 night, at which my best friend Greg’s band played: The Blasphemous Yellow.

8 thoughts on “Anti-Club Calendar

  1. I am so much older now
    I sorta lived at the Anti Club from 1982 ish until 87. Lots of SST and Paisley Underground shows, plus the obligatory early Psi Com, Superheroines, etc. And who could not forget Dream 6 the first appearance of Jonette Napolitano…The Apache dancers, Fat & Fucked Up, What Makes Donna Twirl, Blue Daisies


    1. Re: I am so much older now
      Yeah, I saw most of those. Damn I forgot about What Makes Donna Twirl. Also Party Boys, Lawndale. I bet we’ve been in the same room lots of times.


  2. Wow! That’s a vintage document!
    That’s a name from the past… I used to drum for Blasphemous Yellow…


      1. Re: Wow! That’s a vintage document!
        Hey Conrad! I had a feeling this might be your site/blog. Hey, email me and let me know what’s been going on. poei AT oeiland DOT net (Don’t want to put my address for the bots to harvest.)


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