The night they drove old Diedrich down

The old coffee house finally shut down and we had a proper wake. Some people showed up the afternoon of the day before, and a lot more showed up last night when the doors finally closed. I didn’t get shots of everyone, but there are photos here of people I never got on camera before.

Goodbye, patio! This is the place where I made my best mistakes.

The Wake Group Shot

Goodbye Sign (closeup)

More photos in this set on flickr:

4 thoughts on “The night they drove old Diedrich down

  1. How sad.
    I really wish I could have made it for one last mayan mocha, but things just didn’t work out in my favor.
    It is good to see you guys gave The D a nice send off.

  2. If I had the cash and no Super Important Early Tuesday Morning Meeting, I would have flown down for the night. It’s the end of an era and the beginning of… I don’t know what.

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