Attention Diedrichians: Monday is The End

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Monday is the last day of the old 17th Street Diedrich. It would be great if people showed up to drive old Dixie down, or something. Perhaps in the evening until they shut it for good?

Apparently some “regulars” including Michael-guy-with-glasses are showing up on Sunday at 3. I dunno if those are going to be people I/we/you like, but I will probably stop by in case.

But I really think it would be cool if as many of us as possible buried the old ship next Monday evening.

10 thoughts on “Attention Diedrichians: Monday is The End

  1. I wish I could. My history with that place started in 1994 (heading there with Jeremy after work each night at Virtual World… then to Rock-n-Java… then to the coffee show down on the peninsula that’s now a tux shop, I think) and continued on until about 2002, although my attendance was pretty spotty in those latter years. Heck–I ran for a good number of years. I’m really sad to see the place go, but based on what I’ve heard about it over the past several years, I guess it was inevitable.

  2. What!!!!!
    That’s sucks….I wonder when Laguna Diedrich will be closed / changed to Starbucks. I am one of those obnoxious people comes to coffee. I had to go buy a box of green tea and Ray Charles CD at Starbucks yesterday to do some of Santa Clause’s work, I entered Starbucks with a cup of coffee from Kean in my hand. I just refuse to drink Starbucks. All of my respect to the people who work at Vons / Pavillions however, supermarket and a good cup of coffee should not mingle.

  3. just came from the D’s in Santa Monica and told them the 17th street location was closing on monday. The manager’s eyes went all saucery – no idea.

  4. Bye Bye Diedrich Cappucino all rich and yummy with whipped cream and chocolate shavings
    Bye Bye all the years of emotions I entered and exited with a cup ‘o joe to make it complete

  5. oh man. I will be in town till Friday late-afternoon. Will have to pay my respects before then.
    Hope to see you this week.
    ..oh MAN there are so many memories associated with that place. Don’t even get me started. This may even get Les to come out of his hovel.

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