Costa Mesa delenda est

The batshit insane evil white supremacist Minutemen-backed race-baiting Mexican-hater ticket actually won in Costa Mesa.

For everyone’s sake I hope the Mexican-American community there is as chill about this as they have been so far, but I wouldn’t blame them for getting very, very angry.

8 thoughts on “Costa Mesa delenda est

  1. I am not a part of the Mexican-American community but I am a Costa Mesa resident and all cleverness has left me as I write this because all I want to do is pick up something heavy and fling it around willy-nilly. VERY, VERY ANGRY.

  2. seriously, WHO are all these conservative rasicts in COSTA MESA?
    Anyhwoo. Hmm, Costa Mesa…sounds like a vaguely hispanic name. Mansoor’s first item on the agenda will be to rename our city Valhalla.

    1. All you have to do is drive around the neighborhoods (well, not so much now), but there were signs for those 2 dipshits EVERYWHERE.
      And doesn’t his name sound curiously… indian? Does his H1b visa status allow him to run for and hold local offices?!?!?!

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