The IM is coming from inside the house

I didn’t go to klikitak‘s thing tonight, partly because I am a social anxiety poster child lately and partly because I didn’t want to get extruded through my own car by drunk people going to L.A. and back. Instead I ended up at realitylost‘s where she and Craig stuffed me with really great food and their dogs sat on me. One of the many reasons to like Craig is that he is serious about food. O garlic bread, O cobbler.

I meant to go over and hang with burntcurtis for a few later but a quick trip across the boulevard revealed that his entire neighborhood had been parked upon by partiers. Tonight is official Adult Halloween Party Night, and everyone was getting smashed, with pumpkins. A couple of his neighbors were incompetently necking in the condo complex and I nearly ran them down. She was wearing a slutty noun costume and he was in a rapist costume (pirate, soldier, Haidl, dunno). He was trying to paw her while simultaneously bracing a 24 pack of beer on his hip and she was trying to do the coy push-away-only-not but instead stumbling in front of my car. Two cheers for Halloween; it’s now Daterapemas!

Part of the time at Susie & Craig’s tonight the TV was on. I hadn’t seen the History Channel in a long time. Wow is it dumb! The supposed academic guy referred to the “Cape of Africa” (?) and they spelled Gibraltar wrong, and the show about the history of dragons spent a full segment talking to a couple of lunatics who believed that dragons existed and waved broadswords while saying they were druids.

One of their neighbors has a license plate holder that says “Foamer Forever.” Anyone know what that means?

13 thoughts on “The IM is coming from inside the house

  1. i went downtown last night and had some beers at a REAL bar where i actually paid for beer. It has been a long time since i did that, but a friend of mine actually made the comment about how every adult female costume is some variation on the “whore” theme. You have maid-whore, and fairy-whore, cave-whore, schoolteacher-whore, nurse-whore, etc… and sure enough a group of about 15 women came in, all of them wearing thigh-high stockings and garters and then above that was some sort of whore costume of varying type. I’s pretty funny
    Foamer forever? Maybe someone who goes to Foam Parties? (Like the Rave Kind)


    1. My friend told me about her gal pal in San Fran who dressed as a sexy candy corn. We were trying to figure out how to make candy corn slutty, but I guess it can be done!


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