the new old thing

It’s opening day here at the Panera Bakery & Café on 17th Street in Costa Mesa and folks we’re seeing a lot of unforced errors. I think that actually every order is being filled wrong in some way. Everyone’s cheerful though, both the very young employees and the very bland Zero Day customers.

The Wi-Fi works and is free. It tries to launch some PORTAL PAGE and fails, and you can’t get to Panera’s own site. This suggests to me that someone reversed a firewall rule.

I can see the sign of the “new” Diedrich from here. Waving good-bye.

There’s a patio of sorts and it’s open until 9. Coffee’s okay.

16 thoughts on “the new old thing

    1. You know who needs a monkey?
      I’ll tell you who needs a monkey. The Candian guy who the USA picked up when he was changing planes at JFK, “held” him for 10 days, flew his ass to Jordan in a USA government plane, so he could be carried overland to Syria and tortured for 10 months by being whipped with a frayed electric cord, who turned out to have no links to Al Quaeda or Islamic extremism (good evening, Carnivore!, and fuck Hoover)
      Him, HE needs a monkey.

      1. Re: You know who needs a monkey?
        I for one would welcome Carlos the electrical cymbal-banging monkey as Homeland Security Czar.

      1. The brewed coffee was $1.50 with endless refills. I think it’s about a $10 lunch. Okay for an office drone, probably too much for someone with a part time gig.

  1. So is Panera a new thing out west? We’ve had ’em for a while out here it seems. The nearly-ubiquitous WiFi is nice — when we were house hunting it was nice to be able to roll in, grab lunch, and check e-mail.
    Not a coffee drinker (“I like my caffeine like I like my women – cold, and in the can”) so no input there.

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