4 thoughts on “video: 30 minutes on 9/11, 500 yards from ground zero

    1. Having worked at a hospital through the ’94 Northridge quake and the ’92 riots, I think I have some idea what you mean.
      I saw a presentation from the CNN web people about the technical things they did on 9/11/01 to keep people informed and some of the non-technical challenges they had too and it reminded me that sometimes being a web dork isn’t trivial. The detail that always sticks is how they had to move servers over to the Cartoon Network starting around 3 pm Eastern because parents were shielding their children by sending them from the TV to the computer to look at the most innocuous thing they could.

  1. I don’t know which is eerier – “This Old Man” playing in the background, or that first, lone fire truck pulling up right under the tower. I get a mild anxiety attack every time I see the footage.

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