I get this feeling that dodgeball isn’t really catching on around here

yesterday: “we just sent a message to your 3 friends in L.A. letting them now you’re at kean coffee”

today: “we just sent a message to your 2 friends in L.A. letting them know you’re at starbucks at 17th & newport”

maybe this kind of service doesn’t work so well in a spread out suburban area and it’s dodgeball L.A. and not dodgeball OC for a reason. and maybe it also suits my continued coffeehouse slackerdom better than my friends’ lifestyles?

also why am i typing in lower case, senator you’re no ee cummings

15 thoughts on “I get this feeling that dodgeball isn’t really catching on around here

  1. How many Kean’s are you ever at long enough to register it at Dodgeball? Maybe they expect you to have few enough local enough friends to make the city constraint less than necessary. Or maybe I’m biased, as my life is a pretty linear work home school store coffee1 coffee2 bar1 place2 affair. And I sure as fuck don’t want or need to be socially tracked more than 20% of the time, and never at more than 1/5 of those places. (And no, I don’t know why I converted my single opinion into a pseudo-statistic.)
    Then again, I’m punching a clock so my free time is mostly dictated to me, and I know your situation is (way) different. And then THEN again, I’m pretty sure it’s the inelegance of a simple problem being left unsolved, and the stoner-level clusterfuckery that was probably the reason for it, that makes it interesting enough to mention.
    And, dude, if you want to hang out sometime, it’s ok to just say so.
    it’s funny i wrote stoner up there because i am real stoned now. also, initial caps? william carlos williams?


  2. According to DodgeBall I still have a crush on Eric. I would have remembered to cease the experiment and re-friend him if I used the service anymore. I think I wanted to kinda hide. Oh wait.. that’s right.. I can filter out certain people. Maybe I will start using it again.


  3. Oh… and as far as “doesn’t work so well in a spread out suburban area“… around here everything is a max 10 min car ride, or 15 min bike ride away. It makes a bit more sense in an area such as this.. or in Manhattan where it was started.


  4. Dodgeball works surprisingly well in Portland, but that’s because the city is fairly compact. I can see how it might not work so well in LA and works even worse in Orange County. The friend-of-a-friend stuff is pretty cool if you have picture messaging (“We let your friends know that you are at Bonfire. Also: BlahBlah is at Bonfire [here is her picture]. BlahBlah is also friends with your friend Bill.”) On the whole, the service is nice if you just want to hang out and not make an event of things, but if you want to hang out with specific people, the phone is always best.


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