21 thoughts on “1983

    1. I wish I had been in the Dead Milkmen!
      The singer actually reminded us all of this guy we knew who was a coke dealer and a total asshole, which kind of made us sad when we saw the band.

  1. I can’t tell if you have a tiny mustache or a convenient shadow…?
    The strange thing about this photo is that your eyes look dark, and they are so very light in person!

  2. In 1983, I was either in utero, being born, or requiring assistance removing the excrement from my ass.
    You definitely looked better than I did in 1983. I’ll bet your ass was cleaner, too. Good photo!

  3. i think around that time i was making semi-regular appearances on the Cerebus letters pages. unfortunately my old roommate stole and sold all those comics. we were cute back then you and i. you’ll have to take my word for it.

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