Crossing the Streams


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10 thoughts on “Crossing the Streams

    1. See the two links. The original cartoon from 1993 was the first time an Internet joke showed up in the New Yorker and it was a pretty good one, especially since it was pre-Web and not many people were using the Net.
      The second one was the more recent discovery that all New Yorker cartoons can be captioned “Christ, what an asshole!” successfully. I didn’t want to ruin the joke in the post but it’s okay in comments 😉


    1. Re: Moof
      I hope someone, somewhere, finds it sexy that when I read this a little spray of snot came zooming out of my nose, so sudden was my chorf.
      If not, at least maybe someone, somewhere, has a desire to hand me lots of kleenex and, eventually, tie on my bib and hold my drool cup.


      1. Re: So sudden was my chorf
        Sadly, such poetry seems only to come when I least expect it. I’ve been trying to think of a clever response to your lovely compliment, but all that mental exertion has led mostly to napping and candy eating. But that’s only because I don’t have any pie handy.
        Thank you!


  1. nice
    I got it. I realized after reading your analysis that I had seen the original cartoon long ago, forgotten this fact, and that now I had thought that EVERYBODY had seen the cartoon. Furthermore, I thought this was a knockoff of the original cartoon (which EVERYBODY had seen, remember), with an updated caption which was diagnostic that it was not a New Yorker cartoon. So it must be a knockoff, see.
    The net was that I thought it was a VERY funny update. But, after reading the analysis, and thinking through my tortuous reaction, I now think that it’s too internet-savvy to be generally funny. Like, on the Onion, but not in the New Yorker.
    And I bet I’m wrong. I haven’t read (i.e., thumb through the cartoons of) a New Yorker in a few years.


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