I’m getting a dualcore pentium desktop box from them. Nice fast processor, 2 gig of ram, lotta disk. About a grand and no interest on the loan. It’s a good deal, especially since I’m replacing a nine year old computer with one that’s likely to be overpowered for my needs as a headless linux box for the next nine years. No monitor, no speakers, no “productivity software” or anything like that.

The things you can’t opt out of are funny. Everything is a part number, even if it’s just a marketing bullet point, probably because their computer system was set up to demand that, so my order included the following

Order Group Quantity Item Description
1 1 420-5769 Internet Search and Portal
1 1 420-3224 Broadband Icon for Inspiron
1 1 983-2207 Thank You for buying Dell

7 thoughts on “dell.

  1. The “Thank You for buying Dell™” item is probably the follow-up cold-call to your house while you’re eating dinner to ask you how you like your new Dell computer. “Dude! You’re getting spammed!”


  2. you only got one “Broadband Icon?” dude that computer suxx.
    if i ever want a 19″ monitor, i think i’m going to buy whatever desktop dell has on sale. because it’s like, “buy this $200 monitor and get a computer for $30.”


  3. Sounds cool!
    Getting a new computer? Cool! I have been using a 2 years old Dell notebook computer myself. I am a kind of computer retard but so far being able to use this one… however, I just found out that my computer battery had been recalled for fire hazard! Yikes!


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