SAUCE from lazy me.

I like smoky barbecue. But I don’t own a smoker. Nor do I always have the wherewithal to drag the hibachi grill out and charcoal cook stuff. So I fake stuff up, to be lazy.

rice vinegar
tomato paste
fresh garlic
chipotle tabasco

This set of ingredients in vague quantities to taste makes goop to put on stuff before roasting or broiling it in the oven. It is in no way barbecue but it’s dangerously good. A person could eat a whole tri-tip in these circumstances if the person was big enough, which thank Heaven I’m not.

4 thoughts on “SAUCE from lazy me.

  1. speaking of smokish things…
    Have you tried grilled romaine lettuce? They have a delicious salad at Lido now that is smokey grilled romaine hearts, crumbled bleu cheese, candied pecans, lemonade soaked apple slices, and pomegranate vinaigrette! It’s really absurd but I have dreams about cooked lettuce now.

  2. Sounds tasty- I’ve been wanting to get a grill lately…
    Growing up on the west coast, I had become quite accustomed to sticky sweet BBQ. I still think it’s tasty, but also delighful to sample all of the REAL barbeque that’s available in the south. Here in texas, it’s generally smoked with mesquite in an iron barrel, sometimes with spice rub, with thin, vinegary sauce served on the size, along with stwed pinto beans, potato salad, a picle and onion slices, and a slice of wonder bread.

    1. Yeah, it’s all just grilled stuff with sauce here unless you find an expat from elsewhere. You usually have to go to South L.A. and find someone who’s made a smoker out of a cut up oil drum and is defying the AQMD. There’s a place on Leimert that’s amazing.
      I got used to “smoked until it falls apart, sauce optional” real BBQ in Kansas City. It’s such a beautiful thing.

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