Someone decided to get really, really high and shoot at people in an alley over off Baker & Fairview in Costa Mesa the other day. Killed one guy, hurt a few others. The victims appear to be nice local boys without any known criminal connections. Everyone involved was of Mexican ancestry. Everyone who knew the victims is shocked and saddened; there are little memorials on the street and the people at the surf shop where the dead guy worked are really down. It’s a bad day for the city and for my city, too; we’re so close. But here’s what Costa Mesa’s crypto-Nazi Mayor had to say:

“When you have job centers, soup kitchens and a high concentration of downscale rental units, it drives the city down,” Mayor Allan Mansoor said. “I favor a multi-faceted approach including stronger gang enforcement and overlay zone revitalization, and I also think a social worker holding the hand of a hardened gang member has not worked in other cities.”

Allan, it’s time to go. Maybe rural Arizona would be good for you, or that Pennsylvania town that just passed the “no Mexicans allowed” law. Running the Mexicans and the poor out of town is a solution to a problem no one has but you. What we wanted to hear was “Murder is the most serious of crimes and we’re lucky it’s rare here in Costa Mesa. We will bring these guys to justice and we will all work together for a safer city.” Just in case you have a pen handy, you might want to write that down.

And while we’re at it, I’ve been looking over the manifest for the Mayflower here and I see Smith and Standish and Johnson and Grey… Mansoor? No, no Mansoor. How odd. I was just reading the other day about how people with names like “Mansoor” are involved in all sorts of terroristical activities. Maybe we need to overlay zone revitalize about that.

8 thoughts on “CHRIST, WHAT AN ASSHOLE

  1. I lived on Mendoza and Baker for two years when I was 22-24 and I was never in any fear. My hispanic neighbors were busy a little busy working three jobs and raising their children to shoot anyone. How often do we have a gang shooting in Costa Mesa?
    Did it ever occur to him that maybe when you have to cram 12 people in a two bedroom apartment because even if all of those people are working it’s hardly enough to cover the rent in this greedy city might be a factor in a little violence from time to time?


  2. “When you have job centers, soup kitchens and a high concentration of downscale rental units, it drives the city down,” ???
    Dear f*cking gawd.
    I don’t even know what to say…this guy is NOT living in the real world.


    1. There’s at least one soup kitchen and quite a few aid agencies on the Westside. Dicks like Mansoor feel that this brings down the tone of the town, but the flat broke people who need the services feel otherwise, and so do I.


  3. I wish I could say I was surprised…
    But alas, I cannot. I remember from being a reporter in Costa Mesa, covering the City Council during the late 80s, when Orv Amburgey and Ed Glasgow wanted to remake the CM skyline into something “rivaling New York or Los Angeles.”
    And the same inbred West Costa Mesa hillbillies that are now all proudly part of the MInuteman Middle-Age, Beer-Gut Militia, were the same ones who were vandalizing Bro. Michael Dwalibee’s church off of Superior because he had a full fully functioning social service agency for the poor there, and harrassing the poor and the homeless who were going to the soup kitchen and service center at Rea, back in the day.
    Sorry… but Costa Mesa has always had a serious “fsck-the-poor,” “White-Pride” streak to it.
    Personally, I blame Newport Beach.
    mojo sends


    1. Re: I wish I could say I was surprised…
      Not much to do with Newport Beach, there. Costa Mesa and Santa Ana are working-class towns with old-fashioned race and class wars. Newport Beach is a resort town with different problems.
      Costa Mesa is getting way worse, though. Way, way worse. Open war on the Mexicans is a prescription for serious violence.


  4. Time for another big leprosy scare to burn it all down.
    Hey… that shithole I moved to before going to Portland might have been in front of that alley. Comforting thought.


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