all the leaves are brown

The SF Chronicle reports the gloomy bullet points from a doomy official state report about climate change in California.

Without serious reduction in emissions:

California will become significantly hotter and drier by the end of the century, causing severe air pollution, a drop in the water supply, melting of 90 percent of the Sierra snowpack and up to six times more heat-related deaths in major urban centers, according to a sweeping study compiled with help from respected scientists from around the country.

The weather — up to 10.5 degrees warmer by 2100 — would make last month’s heat wave look average. If industrial and vehicle emissions continue unabated, there could be up to 100 more days a year when temperatures hit 90 degrees or above in Los Angeles and 95 degrees or above in Sacramento. Both cities have about 20 days of such extreme heat now.

5 thoughts on “all the leaves are brown

  1. but look at the bright side
    We will be able to import labor from Iraq to pick what is left of the produce grown here….
    Either that, or they will finally release the Space Aliens to do that job…
    You folks really need to look on tghe bright side of all of this!!!

    Pretty soon, Oregon will be the new California and Alaska will be the new Oregon. A few years after that, California will be the new Sahara, Oregon will be the new Mojave Desert, and Alaska will be the new California. Time to start buying beachfront property in Alaska! Well, maybe not beachfront exactly, but what will become beachfront after accounting for melting ice caps and rising water levels.

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