10 thoughts on “I don’t care if it’s a montage. I want to believe.

  1. White Pelican
    Your jpeg fills me with delight. Among other reasons: I have never seen a pelican from that angle, and pelicans fill me with delight, so that’s delightful. Pelicans are foul, scabrous birds, and I like the foul, scabrous grounded boats.
    What’s up with the cat, anyway? Are they buddies, and it’s wagging it’s tail nervously? Buddies with THE WHITE PELICAN? I wouldn’t be so keen on rough play with a damn white pelican. But I’m not a stinking cat, in a scabrous little boatyard, now am I?
    In any case, it’s tremendous. I am now leaving to go live among the
    pelicans, earn their trust, and then start wearing a t-shirt at all times
    which says, “Eat more cats.”

    1. More than his belly can
      The cat’s tail is up and unfluffed, which usually indicates friendly acknowledgement. If this is a real, unadulterated image, it would seem that the cat and the pelican are pals and the cat doesn’t feel threatened by the MASSIVE BILL.

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