It is time for people to stop flashing “gang signs” in their photos. This is because:

  1. None of y’all’s gangstas.
  2. It’s really dated, you know. Really, really dated.

    Penalty: missile up ass.

11 thoughts on “FATWA

  1. What about people ironically flashing gang signs to parody the middle-class white suburbanites who adopted this habit (sort of like people wearing trucker hats not to parody white-trash culture but to parody last year’s hipster fashion)?


  2. Made me laugh. So true. Oh — and a belated addition to the lengthening list of those who want you to flesh out ALL ten of your Ten Things About Me list. God, those are awesome.
    Here are (were) mine: 10 Things Meme


    1. In 1986 when I worked for a large scary man who resembled John Candy’s mustachioed fatty on SCTV, he had a habit of wandering around the office babbling “WE BE BAD!” That was the equivalent at the time of the bro-spiked asshole who now says “Word!” in staff meetings.


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