Quatorze Juillet

Bastille Day Dinner at Pescadou:

Paté de campagne with mushrooms, olives, and cornichons

Goat cheese on puff pastry over a green salad

Lamb chops with pommes frites and ratatouille

Tarte Tatin

’01 Chateau Coutet Bordeaux


11 thoughts on “Quatorze Juillet

  1. homph homph cornichons
    OMG that all sounds SO DELICIOUS. I had to look up paté de campagne and I found a recipe that contains pig in three different forms. Mm, French food!


      1. “Spoon pate into…” swoon
        Actually, since my most belovedest is moving down to LA in a month or so, and since my ex-who’s-still-quite-loved-although-optimally-from-a-distance-most-of-the-time just moved back down there, I’m likely to be making forays at least that far.
        “Forays.” As in food-gathering trips. (Which is actually how I treat LA, because there’s only crap Ashkenazi Jew food up here in SF. So I have to get smoked fish, and pastrami, and better bagels…you get the picture.)


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