Quatorze Juillet

Bastille Day Dinner at Pescadou:

Paté de campagne with mushrooms, olives, and cornichons

Goat cheese on puff pastry over a green salad

Lamb chops with pommes frites and ratatouille

Tarte Tatin

’01 Chateau Coutet Bordeaux


11 thoughts on “Quatorze Juillet

  1. homph homph cornichons
    OMG that all sounds SO DELICIOUS. I had to look up paté de campagne and I found a recipe that contains pig in three different forms. Mm, French food!

    1. I’d love to! But you never come down here. I suppose I’ll have to make the trek up there if I’m going to spoon pate into you.

      1. “Spoon pate into…” swoon
        Actually, since my most belovedest is moving down to LA in a month or so, and since my ex-who’s-still-quite-loved-although-optimally-from-a-distance-most-of-the-time just moved back down there, I’m likely to be making forays at least that far.
        “Forays.” As in food-gathering trips. (Which is actually how I treat LA, because there’s only crap Ashkenazi Jew food up here in SF. So I have to get smoked fish, and pastrami, and better bagels…you get the picture.)

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