The Father, the Son, and the Stairmaster

Holy Spirit Gym Sign Guy

It seems redundant to point out just how fucked-up this is, in every way, but I’d be happy to do so if anyone wants a few paragraphs of enraged deconstruction. Taken today on Newport Boulevard in Costa Mesa, CA.

7 thoughts on “The Father, the Son, and the Stairmaster

  1. Hell yes. I totally went to “The Lord’s Gym” back up in Granite Bay like 5 years ago. Not because I love Jesus, but because his gym will let you get totally buff for a mere 10 bucks every six months! Just remember the Lord’s 11th commandment: Thou Shalt Not Wear Spandex. There were a buncha other ones too, each more hilarious than the last. And their logo was a body-building Jesus weight-lifting the cross. I loved pulling up in their parking lot with a darwin fish on my car. Eventually I was afraid of getting shot by the extremely angry and god loving teens who frequented the place so I stopped going. Plus their equipment was kinda shoddy. Oh those were the days.


  2. why this pisses me off
    the gym that used to exist there was awesome. It was a no nonsense, go in, shut up, do your workout and leave place. no attitude, no meat market, and no bullshit.
    then suspiciously as one HOLY member became unnerved by a bare midriff, the rent got doubled, and HOLY member swoops in to take over and screw the place in half.
    and to top it off, they painted it red.


  3. I just think it’s wrong that that guy is SITTING. Low-paid signmen around here STAND UP, goddammit, even if it’s for a furniture store and not a freakin’ GYM.


  4. Which Part of That IS Just TOOO WEIRD….
    really needs any further explanation….
    but given the other comments here, maybe there is a freak set still yearning to breath free in all of this WackJobbery!!!


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