Incomprehensible reply to fraud report

I get that daily update for jobs that match my keywords. Not because I’m actively looking for a job, but because I want to know what’s going on my field. Usually it’s a stream of boring but totally doable gigs which makes me feel more secure. Occasionally it’s amusing or alarming. And, far too often, there are things that aren’t jobs but are instead trolls of some advertising for-pay job services.

These are almost always labeled something like “Work from home for major companies” and have every single location as their “home”, and some other obvious giveaways. A couple of years ago they were constant, and I gave up flagging them because I figured Monster was just selling those slots because the job market was slow.

Today I saw one, clicked through to look at it, and saw the usual website ad troll rather than a real job. This time I reported it as fraudulent through Monster’s own system, which is hard to find at first. I received the reply you see below. The last paragraph makes no sense at all and I would appreciate translation.

Content Title
Report site abuse

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Response (Anisa P Varghese) 07/05/2006 05:40 AM
Hello substitute,

Thank you for contacting Monster Customer Central.

substitute, there are regulations and terms of use that must be met in order to post on the website. There is also screening for all postings listed on the website. Although this is true it is possible for a small amount of fraudulent postings to appear on the site. We have a department dedicated to locating, tracking, removing, and prosecuting when these issues do arrive. If you notice any specific fraudulent listings on the website please forward information in regards to those listings to this Email address or to “” (this will send directly to our Fraud prevention team). We will immediatly research and remove postings that are fraudulently posted on our site.

I would like to inform you that in some job posting when we click on the apply online button it takes us to the website of the company that posted the job. In such cases we need to set up an account in that web site for entering into the site to post for the job. The case you are referring to is also a similar one. I suggest you to create an account in the webpage you get and move forward and post for the job.

If there is anything else I can assist you with, please advise.

Have a good day, substitute !

Warm Regards,
Anisa Varghese
Monster Customer Central.

6 thoughts on “Incomprehensible reply to fraud report

  1. I think what they meant to write is something like:
    Please note that occasionally job postings have “apply online” buttons that take you to the website of the company that posted the job instead of to an application. In those cases you will need to follow the instructions to register an account on that company’s website before applying.
    from which I presume they get a lot of “fraudulent posting” complaints for posts which aren’t fraudulent, but for which the “apply” button takes people to somewhere they weren’t expecting to go.


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