celebrate good times?

I think I’m going to Mt. Washington for Greg’s 4th of July party. His band is going to play (Rough Church). It’s a block party, street closed off at 3 pm, etc. It should be relaxed and pleasant, because Mt. Washington is a neighborly neighborhood.

The Fourth is a weird time for me for the last few years, and especially a Costa Mesa 4th of July is something I don’t much want this year.

If anyone else feels like going, ping me. It’s a nice buncha people.

And yes, I am listening to the Very Best of Hall & Oates. I’m not sure why, because I usually hate hate haaaaate this kind of slick R&B pop, but I’ve always liked those guys.

3 thoughts on “celebrate good times?

  1. Maybe it’s the fiddle? A very good fiddle player, Eileen Ivers, used to play with them, when she was fourteen or some fucking age. Anyway, yeah.

  2. Ahh say hi to Highland Park for me. If you are in that vicinity, may I suggest wearing fire retardant clothing. No footed jammies, dude.

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