My insomnia, your cute video

Because I couldn’t sleep and was mucking around with video stuff, I recompressed the intensely cute but 44 megabyte video of salome_st_john‘s cat eating corn on the cob to a sprightly 4.6 meg of Quicktimey Quteness.

Corn Kitty (4.6M Quicktime, H.264)

And a good morning to you all. I’m going to find my bed.

10 thoughts on “My insomnia, your cute video

    1. Actually, there was no butter on it. It was freshly boiled, straight from the pot. She just loves corn, including canned corn in its watery corn juice. She’s nuts, just like her mama.


      1. Crazy cat! I need to try corn on Rasha next time we have it, although I’m not sure he’s forgiven me for the grape incident yet. (Mouseycat won’t even eat treats because they’re not cat food in a bowl.)


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