Savage Republic

The band I am going to see tonight isn’t normal. Normal bands do not send out email like this the day of the show:

One last thing: We are in dire need of a few extra 55 GALLON OIL DRUMS for our guest musicians tonight.

If you happen to have something like this in Los Angeles, or know where we can get some on a Saturday, PLEASE CALL US AT:

650 619-3695

We can pick it up. These are they same types of barrels used by folks to make Burn Barrels. We’re just going to beat on the edges, so the barrels will still be usable after the performance.

3 thoughts on “Savage Republic

  1. Strange
    Would be a request that the Drums have deisel and “we dont need anymore fertilizer thanks”
    I somehow doubt the “burn barrel” reference was very helpful.


  2. When I saw Neubauten in Hollywood a few years ago, these barrels played a prominent role.
    I’d have humbly applied for your extra ticket last night, but my aunt invited me to prelated b-day dinner and I figured you had sexier candidates.


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