Something to do Thurs the 8th in the 909

Recommended for anyone stuck in the Inland Empire who likes loud clanking surf-industrial African-themed art damage music. From the Savage Republic mailing list. ALSO: They have an advance EP that you can buy right now on

In lieu of rehearsing one more night, our friend Robin is allowing us to play a show in Montclair, CA. on Thursday night, February the 8th. NO COVER! Great beer on tap, and we promise to deliver a full set of favorites and new ditties! It will also be the first chance to pick up the Siam EP. Come join the fun! ALL AGES!!!!

775 N. Central Avenue
Upland, CA 91786

See you there!

Savage Republic

The band I am going to see tonight isn’t normal. Normal bands do not send out email like this the day of the show:

One last thing: We are in dire need of a few extra 55 GALLON OIL DRUMS for our guest musicians tonight.

If you happen to have something like this in Los Angeles, or know where we can get some on a Saturday, PLEASE CALL US AT:

650 619-3695

We can pick it up. These are they same types of barrels used by folks to make Burn Barrels. We’re just going to beat on the edges, so the barrels will still be usable after the performance.

Jalopnik’s Enzo Crash Roundup

To summarize:

  1. Don’t drive drunk.
  2. Don’t drive 150 mph on PCH.
  3. Particularly, do not drive your $1 million Ferrari Enzo drunk on PCH, although that derives from 1 and 2 above.
  4. When you are the registered owner of the car which you have crashed drunk at 150 mph, it does not do any good to switch seats and say the driver ran away. This is especially true if you are the registered owner of the vehicle and your blood is all over the airbag.
  5. Do not be a current or former exec of Gizmondo, even if you have not made any of the above mistakes.

Wait, does it go in your EAR?

I’m sure most of you have seen this because it was on boingboing, etc., but a number of people I saw tonight hadn’t: The Sex Machines Next Door is an amazing article and even more amazing pictures of homebrew sex machines that various residents of America Fuck Yeah! have created.

The Popular Mechanics can-do spirit meets Edward Gorey’s The Curious Sofa. Pocketa pocketa pocketa. Wait, where do you sit? How does that even… Oh MAN no WAY!

The Wired article references a new book. Fascinating.

Also, wait wait wait. That thing moves HOW? And you’re on the GARAGE FLOOR?