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    1. Yeah, it’s weird. I read one geek guy who was all “VOX IS GREAT BECAUSE I WOULDN’T GO ON LJ BECAUSE THAT’S FOR EMO TEENS AND I’M COOLER THAN THAT” and I’m thinking, right. You’re the guy who reads /Vanity Fair/ because you wouldn’t want to be seen reading /People/. Fuck you.

      1. C’mon man, the power of myspace is awesomely annoying friends that take it seriously by making profiles like this.

  1. I thought vox was a brand of vodka…
    It looks more like a grown up version of myspace or a combo lj/flickr/some other multimedia blog crap site…

  2. One of the joys of Livejournal is the incredible variety of “flavours” available depending upon your friends list. People speak of LJ being largely emo teens, but as there are no emo teens on my friends list, LJ has never had this character to me. This may infact be the central success of LJ for me — the fact that it is a user selectable set of very diverse individuals. You create the community you want to interact with.

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