9 thoughts on “Austro-Hungarian Debris

  1. Try to have the decency to fade into the night and be remembered by your own kids in twenty years. God knows you took enough pictures.
    hahahaha, god

  2. What established American artist today would dare to paint a moustache and goatee on the Mona Lisa, smash out George Washington’s wooden teeth, or show Thomas Jefferson copulating with Sally Hemings? No, we content ourselves with the satirical barbs of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, Jay Leno and David Letterman; revel in comic aperçus which show that we Americans can “let our hair down” as well as the next man, “kid” our leaders and “send up” our congressmen.
    Well, off the top of my head there’s that episode of Strangers With Candy where Jerri is playing the Presidential Assassin video game at the arcade and Washington’s wooden teeth fall out when she shoots him, and then at the end of the scene she misses Jefferson and the scene ends with the line “You missed me, assassin! Now I’m going to go have sex with my slave!”
    A line voiced, I might add, by one Stephen Colbert.
    (also, A+ for the “pbr” tag)

    1. Yes, TV is oddly doing just fine. Even South Park is more adventurous than the current music scene.
      PBR delenda est. That stuff tastes SO BAD>

      1. die Kunst ist tot, Jerri Blank über alles
        Haven’t watched South Park for a few years, but Washington’s head mentions having hocked his teeth for booze money in Futurama, too. Really, really shitty choice for an example of an unsmashable (so to speak) icon there.
        I still think if you wanted to pick out the perfect example of the Dada spirit in sort-of-present-day culture, you couldn’t go too far wrong with Mr. Noblet’s line from the STD episode of Strangers With Candy: “…and of course, Fidel Castro impersonated Marilyn Monroe and gave JFK a case of syphilis so severe that eventually, it blew the back of his head off.”

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